Best Car Financing Bank in Pakistan through Islamic Ijara

Almost every bank in Pakistan provides car financing in Pakistan. We can compare the bank car financing on certain parameters like Mark up rates, processing speed, different charges and customer services.

In Pakistan, the best bank for car financing is Dubai Islamic Bank on the basis of the above-given factors.

You may get car finance if you are a DIB regular customer or even do not have an account in this Bank. If you maintain your bank account in any other bank for your salary or business needs then still you may avail of car finance through Dubai Islamic Bank.

DIB is a full fledge Islamic bank that offers all banking products which are Sharia compliant or according to the principles of the Islamic rules.

You can avail of car finance if you are a salaried person, self-employed professional( Chartered Accountant, lawyer, Doctor etc) or Sef employed business person.

Financing Amount

The finance amount ranges from Rs.100,000 to Rs.3000,000.

The finance amount depends upon the value of the vehicle you want to purchase, the monthly income and the debt burden ratio(it’s calculated considering monthly income and deducting all loans taken by the applicants).

DBR must not be lower than 50%.

The down payment ranges from 15% to 30 %.

The more downpayment the less finance amount and eventually low markup expense for the customer and vice versa.

Booking Option

The customers may either take car delivery on an immediate basis or may book it for three months to avoid their own money.

Eligibility Criteria

Age limit for salaried persons ranges from 21 to 60 years whereas for self-employed professionals and business persons it must be between 21 to 65 years of age.

The minimum monthly income to apply for a car loan is Rs.25000 and experience for salaried must be at least 3 months, for self-employed professionals, it must be 6 months and for business persons, the required experience is 12 months.


Markup rates for car finance through Dubai Islamic banks are very competitive. The current State Bank policy rate is 15% plus 1.5 to 2% is charged as markup.


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