Computers and Laptops Prices May Get Price Hikes in Pakistan

Computers and Laptops Prices May Get Price Hikes in Pakistan in near future.

Computers and Laptops Prices increase in Finance bill 2021

The Government is eyeing to enforce a 17 percent Sales Tax on all kind of computers under the supplementary Finance bill 2021.

The 17 percent Sales Tax inclusion on Computers and Laptops will be presented before the National Assembly.

As per sources at present the sales tax is exempted on the import and local supplies of computers and Laptops.

Whereas it has been suggested to impose a 17 Percent Sales Tax on all kind of Computer’s which includes Personal computer and notebook’s which are widely import andĀ  used in Pakistan .

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HenceĀ  the given Articles in the Exemption Schedule of the Sales Tax Act 1990 will be removed through the Supplementary finance bill 2021.

Indeed after the implementation of 17 percent Sales Tax the prices of all kinds of Computer will go up.

Increased in computer prices will put burden on all buyer’s since inflation has been on the upsurge on all daily consumed product’s.

Price increase on Laptops will have a strong effect on those Student’s especially who barely could afford buying it since on average the price of a reasonable spec’s Laptop after imposing of Sales tax may increase from 10,000 to 15,000 rupees approximately.


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