CreditBook to Record Personal and Business Financial Transactions

CreditBook is a digital application that was launched in 2020 to help individuals and businesses record their personal and business transactions.

One can easily download the application from the play store. the app has an amazing rating of 4.6 with One Million downloads.

At first You have to choose the language then you opt for SMS verification on your cell number. A code is sent to your cell number to get verified.

The Creditbook application can be used to record daily financial transactions of not only the individuals but businesspersons can also use this wonderful application to record their financial applications.

There are different free services available in credit books to make specially for business persons to help recover their credits.

The user can send free SMS to the borrowers to remind them about the payments.

The users can also generate the reports and can download or share these pdf reports with their customers or borrowers on Whatapp.

Hence the recovery of the credits get smoother and faster with the use of credit book.

Credit book provides the facility of cashbook as well where the user can feed the cash and expense and can also record the debit and credit of cash in the cashbook to keep the record of liquidity held with individual or with business.

The CreditBook digital application is available in different languages like English, Urdu and some regional languages like Punjabi, Sindhi and  Pushtu. The different languages help the less educated and illiterate people to do financial transactions in their own local languages.

The Creditbook is an alternative to the physical and conventional type of khata used to record the financial transaction and also replaces the cashbook as well.

CreditBook bill book features help you to generate bill against the transactions of your business and to send through WhatsApp to your customer.


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