Daily Used Products become Expensive after the recent Hike in Petrol Prices

Daily Used Products becomes Expensive after the recent Hike in Petrol Prices.

It has been noticed that the prices of around 25 to 30 daily use commodities saw a rapid increase due to the record hitting fuel costs which resulted in inflation of 18 percent on an annual basis.

Prices of essential commodities, in particular, have increased rapidly after the historic rise in petrol prices. Prices of milk, pulses, ghee, and lentils etc have increased massively.

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However, on the other hand, 11 essential commodities surprisingly also see a decrease in its prices these includes potatoes, onions, eggs and flour etc.

It has been a common market practice that whenever there is an increase in fuel price it impacts on the prices of different products used by end consumers.

Not only this transportation fares also witness a somewhat increase in the charges. .

During the last week, the Government of Pakistan approved an increase of petroleum prices of up to Rs 12.03 which was not welcome by many people from different walks of life.

Reason behind increase in petrol prices ?

“In the fortnightly review of Petroleum Products’ prices, the prime minister has considered the recommendation to increase the prices of petroleum products in line with a change in the international oil prices. Despite the increase in the prices of petroleum products, petroleum levy and sales tax have been kept to the minimum,” said the notification.

During an interview on the renowned Geo News Programme, “Aaj Shahzaib Khanzada Kay Saath“, Tarin categorically rejected the idea of reducing petroleum prices artificially.

He further added that prices of petroleum products can’t be artificially reduced in the country. If the international market witnesses a hike in prices, the government will have to shift this burden onto the people.


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