Digital Millennium Copyright Act

The Website Mr Bankar follows Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

Digital Millennium Copyright Act provides guideline for online content safety.

The authors of the website believe in uploading original content and never posting third-party content on the website.

If it is necessary to provide some reference then a link to that website is available for the readers to find more details.

Our responsibility as authors to provide original and quality content to our readers which follows DMCA.

So Stealing the content from this website, Mr Bankar sends DMCA to stop unauthorized use of this website content.

In case of fair use policy, Mr Bankar’s data is used by any other website then we will not issue any DMCA notification.

Because fair use policy directs to use the material without affecting the owner’s interest.

As internet is a place where we must abide by some rules and regulations.

So that the knowledge is available who need it without any hurdle.

The purpose for this act is clear all those who create original content must own the reward of that material.

If it becomes common to download the copyrighted material without any fair use policy .

Such people will not get the share of their hard work they did to create original content.