Download Complete Prize Bond Lucky Draw Schedule 2022

Prize Bond Lucky Draw Schedule 2022 has been announced by the State Bank of Pakistan. All the remaining Prize bonds of the s

mall denomination will be continued in 2022.

Govt has not discontinued any other Prize Bond and now in 2022 all the remaining prize bonds of bearer nature will be continued and their lucky draw will be held.

All the investors of prize Bonds may hold the bearer prize bonds of small denominations like rs.1500, 750, 200 and 100 as their draws will be held in 2022 as well.

In the wake of FATF recommendation, all the Prize Bonds of bigger denominations like Rs.40,000, 25000, 15000, and 7500 have been discontinued and their further draw was also stopped in 2021 and hence their lucky will also not be held in 2022 as well.

Prize Bonds lucky draws of all denominationss will be held in 2022 as per the below-given schedule

Like the remaining bearer Prize bonds, the lucky draws of Premium Prize bonds will also be held in 2022 and whose lucky draw schedule is also given in the above-given picture. There are only two premium prize bonds are awailable for investment for the investors in Prize bonds Rs.25000 and rs.40,000.

Although bearer Prize bonds of Rs.15000 and Rs.7500 were also discontinued but they alternate in Premium or registered prize bonds have not yet been launched otherwise it would have been depicted in the given schedule 2022.



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