FBR POS Retailers Lucky Draw Scheme Useful Information

FBR POS Retailers Lucky Draw Scheme

FBR has announced a Point of sale lucky draw scheme.

The individuals who want to participate in the lucky draw scheme must shop from FBR integrated retail stores.

The FBR integrated retail stores will provide a bill receipt with FBR invoice number printed on it.

The individuals are required to scan this invoice number on FBR Tax Asaan Application or provide details on the ” Verify Invoice” section in “POS Dashboard” in Tax Asaan App as per the below figure

After your invoice is successfully submitted then you are eligible to participate in the next lucky draw that is held on the 15th of every month.

In every lucky draw, those receipts are included in the lucky draw which were submitted in last day of last month.

Every participant will only have one prize in one month.

the detail of Prizes in FBR POS Retail Lucky Draw Scheme is as below

First Prize Rs.1000,000.

The number of Prizes for the First Prize will be Just One.

2nd Prize Rs.500,000.

The number of Prizes for SecondPrize will be Just Two.

3rd Prize Rs.250,000

The number of Prizes for the Third Prize will be Just Four.

4th Prize Rs.50,000.

The number of Prizes for the fourth Prize will be Just 1000.

The Purpose and Scope of FBR Retail POS Prize Scheme

FBR has some tax arrangements with retail stores that are integrated with FBR.

The tax collected on the customer’s purchasing is immediately credited into FBR accounts due to this integration of FBR with retail stores.

FBR has made it mandatory for all retail stores to get aligned or integrated with FBR to promote tax culture in the country.

Due to such an amazing arrangement, it’s likely the tax collection of FBR will be boosted.

The integrated retail stores of clothing, food items, shoes and every commodity near you can be found on this LINK

How to Participate in the FBR Lucky Draw

Any consumer who wishes to participate in the lucky draw and to get the chance to win the prizes is required to do their purchasing on integrated points of sale terminals at retailers using their debit and credit cards.

Then they have to scan their receipts on the “Tax Asaan” application of FBR or send the Receipts number on “9966”.

Then the consumer will receive a message either verified or unverified.

The Verified consumers will have to share their Name, CNIC Number and Mobile Numbers on Tax Asaan Application. the unverified Consumer will go for an appeal and their case will be further ascertained by FBR officials.

How to Know Prize Winning

In Tax Asaan App, Click on “POS” option and then on the “Point of Sale Dashboard”.

Here your Prize Money detail is shown as given in the above figure.

Here you will have three steps to complete before you are eligible to receive your prize money into your bank account.

in the first step, you need to verify through a pin code.

Then you will have to visit the NADRA center or NADRA E Sahulat to get yourself biometrically verified.

in the third step, you are required to provide your IBA( International Bank Account Number) that is printed on the first page of your checkbook or you can generate it at your bank website or through your bank mobile application.

After you have successfully completed all these three steps then you are eligible to receive Prize money into your bank account within a few days.

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