FBR Prize Scheme Details for Point of Sale Purchases

The Federal Board of Revenue has announced an FBR Prize Scheme for the winners who do their purchasing through Point of Sale terminals.

FBR through this Prize scheme is encouraging consumers to do POS terminals purchasing through their Debit, Credit cards to pay taxes. As the purchasing through POS-terminals integrated with FBR are liable to taxes hence such consumers will be able to participate in the Prize scheme announced by FBR.

The winners of the Prize Scheme will receive Prizes of hundred of thousand on the 15th of every month. The computerized lucky draw will be held in the first week of every month where only those consumers will be included who have done POS purchases in the last month. like the Lucky draw that will be held on 15th journey will include such participants who have dome their POS terminals purchasings in the month of December.

How to Participate in the FBR Lucky Draw

Any consumer who wishes to participate in the lucky draw and to get the chance to win the prizes is required to do their purchasing on integrated points of sale terminals at retailers using their debit and credit cards.

Then they have to scan their receipts on the “Tax Asaan” application of FBR or send the Receipts number on “9966”.

Then the consumer will receive a message either verified or unverified.

The Verified consumers will have to share their Name, CNIC Number and Mobile Numbers on Tax Asaan Application. the unverified Consumer will go for an appeal and their case will be further ascertained by FBR officials.

Detail of prizes

There are four types of Prizes being offered to customers of retail stores who get computer-generated receipts from FBR integrated retail stores.

First Prize is of Rs.1000,000/- and only One lucky winner can win this prize.

2nd prize if of Rs.500.000/- and two winners can win this prize.

3rd Prize is of Rs.250000 and four lucky winners can win this prize.

4th Prize is of Rs.50,000 and 1000 winners can win this prize.


How to Get the Prize Amount

If someone wins the Prize he/she will have to visit the nearest E-sahulat center to get bio verified.

upon successful bio verification, he/she will give their IBAN(International Bank Account Number) on Tax Asaan Application of FBR to get the amount of Prizes credited into their bank account.




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