Govt to Ban Vehicles Without Airbags and Security features

Govt has decided in new auto policy 2021-26 to Ban Vehicles Without Airbags and Security features.

This new auto policy has been approved by the federal cabinet and will be implemented accordingly in the country.

This new auto policy has many packages for the vehicles/cars being manufactured locally and for electric and hybrid cars and their spare parts.

The section of New Auto Policy which deals with the security features in cars states that no car on roads after June 30, 2022.

The time frame given to car manufacturing companies is up to June 30, 2022.

Many locally manufactured cars have no security features and even airbags to safeguard the passengers in an untoward situation.

For this Govt has made it mandatory to implement WP-29 international vehicles safety and security measures.

Regarding the adoption of security features by car manufacturing companies, Lahore High Court ordered to implement it but car-making companies blew this order in the air.

It is the responsibility of the Engineering Development Board to implement court orders and now the federal cabinet approved a new auto policy which has been issued for the next five years.

Now this decision has been taken by the Federal Govt of Pakistan to implement international law for car safety.

Suzuki Pakistan most cars up to 1000 cc are without any security features like Suzuki Cultus some varients, WagonR, Ravi, Alto and Chinese Manufacturing company Changon.

This new auto policy has some safety directions for cars tires, lights, back view mirrors, anti-theft system and airbags.

This means that Vehicles Without Airbags and security features will not be on roads from June 30, 2022.

With the implementation of these security standards, car-making companies may further increase the prices of the cars which are already away from the purchasing power of the common person in Pakistan.

Govt of Pakistan must ensure to implement WP-29 car safety and security standards and at the same time companies must keep the prices of the cars under control so that common citizens could afford at least up to 1000 cc cars.

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