Heavy Salary and Pension Rise Expected in Budget 2022-23

Salary and Pension Rise is highly expected in budget 2022-23.

Finance Division preparation for budget 2022-23 is in the final stage.

Federal Govt will present the Budget on 10th June 2022 in National Assembly.

Salary and Pension rise is expected may be up to 10-15 percent in this budget.

Govt will give a big relief in the upcoming budget for the salaried and pension class.

This pension and salary class always faces inflation more than any other segment of the society.

In March 2022, PTI gave 15% disparity allowance to the Govt employees.

But when N league Govt took charge in April 2022, 10 pension rises were announced for pensioners.

N league Govt also requested to corporate sectors to increase the salaries to their employees by at least 10%.

But we see no rise in salaries in the corporate sector and the federal Govt also not increased the 10% salaries.

Now in budget 2022, the federal Govt is expected to extend a big relief to the salaried and pension classes.

From Grade 1 to 19, 5 to 10% salary rise is expected.

from grade, 20 to 22 10 to 15% salary rise is expected.

For the pensioners who already have gained a 10% rise in April 2022 will get another rise in budget 2022-23.

10% more rise in Pensioners pension is expected in budget 2022.

As per the increased inflation in the country it is highly expected that Govt will provide big relief to salaried and pension class.



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