How Thai Lottery Works in Pakistan?

Thai Lottery Works just like Purchi Juwa in case of Prize bonds.

The Thai lottery is getting popular in Pakistan nowadays and more and more people are going to invest in this lottery because of the gap provided by the discontinuation of bearer prize bonds in Pakistan.

Thai lottery works just like the Parchi Juwa in the case of Prize bonds.

If someone wants to purchase a prize bond purchi, he gives a number to the bookie, if his given number is also included in the draw results of that specific bond, then he is considered as the winner of the Prize and he is given the winning amount by the bookie and if the given number does not include in the prize bond draw results of winners then his amount is lost.

Thai lottery works in the same way just like Purchi Juwa. If one wants to invest in Thai lottery he purchases a number and communicates it to the bookie and if that number is included in the draw then he is considered the winner and gets the winning amount otherwise he is a loser and loss his money.

This is a pure type of Juwa which is getting more and more popular among the habitual gamblers in Pakistan.

This Purchi Juwa continued to be legal until 1999 and it was booked at some open shops but after 1999 it was banned and it remained no more a legal investment.

When Govt discontinued Prize bonds of big denominations like Rs.40,000 and Rs25000, then the Purchi Juwa was slowed down.

In order to fill this gap, the bookies brought Indian lotteries in Pakistan but that could not be succeeded because of the people’s low confidence level in Indian lotteries.

Then the bookies in order to keep the gamblers engage in these games brought in Pakistan the Dubai lotteries but that could be succeeded as well.

finally the bookies tried to bring the Thai Lotteries which remained successful and now we see more and more people talking about Thai lotteries and they are searching for ways to invest in this lottery.


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