How to Remit Funds Using Banking Channels Out of Pakistan?

If you need to send money abroad using banking channels for medical treatment in some foreign hospitals or for education purposes then this post will certainly provide you with such useful information.

Money can be sent abroad through various banks including Allied Bank which is among the top five banks of Pakistan.

You may send money abroad for medical treatment or for education fee payment in some recognized college or university.

For educational purposes, you may send $70,000 per year to pay your admission fee, tuition fee, hostel dues and other expenses.

Extra 5000 USD can be sent on the applicant’s own name for personal expenses.

The document required to send money abroad for educational purposes through Allied bank includes the applicant’s National Identity Card, copy of passport, Admission letter issued by the concerned university and the fee slip.

The education fee can be sent to a university or college bank account or a Demand Draft favoring University can be obtained from Allied bank branches dealing in foreign exchange.

For medical treatment abroad one can send $50,000 directly to the hospital or can obtained the demand draft favouring the hospital where the customer will receive the medical treatment.

The document required for sending money abroad for medical treatment through Allied bank includes the applicant’s Identity Document, a recommendation from the hospital medical superintendent or medical specialist that the patient needs foreign hospital treatment.

Download the application for educational and medical treatment abroad through Allied on this link.

More information regarding sending money abroad for education and medical purposes through Allied Bank can be obtained through Allied Bank 24/7 helpline 111-225-225.

In order to slow down the flow of outward flow of foreign currency State Bank of Pakistan has introduced some limitation inorder to stop the widening gap between inflow and outflow of the foreign currency.

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