How to Use Bank ATM Without ATM/Debit Card?

Options have been made available even in Pakistan on ATM/Debit Card to use and withdraw cash out of the machines without ATM Cards/ Debit cards.

So you need not worry when you are out of cash and forgot your ATM Card/Debit at home because now you may use ATMs with your thumb impressions.

As almost every bank account holder is now biometrically verified through a campaign that was run a few years back. With the advantage of biometric verification now it’s possible to use an ATM without a card by using just a thumb impression.

But for this, you have to visit your bank whose account holder you are. you may use only that bank ATM for the purposes of the transaction whose account holder you are.

For example, if you are an account holder of MCB and want to withdraw money from your MCB account without your debit card by using your thumb impression then you will have to visit any MCB bank ATM. This transaction can not be processed at HBL ATM.

When you enter into an ATM first of you press enter button on ATM keyboard then the machine will ask you about your CNIC Number.

After you press your 13-digit CNIC Number it will get you to a different transaction option. Here you will press ATM Services and then withdraw cash. Write the amount that you want to withdraw and hence you get your cash and the transaction is accomplished.

Using ATM with a thumb impression is a more secure way because your debit card or ATM cards can be duplicated at ATM as some hackers may have installed the dummy keyboard or the cardholder at ATM which may copy your card and pin codes.

Whereas with new Near Field Communication(NFC) technology-enabled cards don’t need to be inserted into ATM for transactions as cards just need to bring in front of the NFC and ATM can be used.

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