Importan Prize Bond Lucky Draw June 2022

You will find details of the Prize Bond Lucky Draw as per NSC for June 2022 in this post.

Three Prize Bonds lucky draw will hold in June 2022 as per the following details

Rs.200 at 15.06.2022

Rs.25000 at 10.06.2022

Rs.40,000 at 10.06.2022

The schedule of the complete draw list will as be as per the below fig

Rs.200 Prize bond is small in the denomination and it offers little prize money for the winners.

Rs.200 is a bearer nature Prize Bond and is available for sale purchase without the provision of CNIC of the investors.

The Details of the Prizes against Prize Bond Rs.200 is given in below fig.

The remaining Two Prize bonds Rs.25000 and Rs.40,000 are Premia in Nature.

Premium means these bonds are registered against the identity numbers of the investors.

Premium Prize Bonds offer not only big prize money but they also have profit in every six months for the investors.

The Bank account of the investors is also linked with the Premium Prize Bonds.

The bank Account receives the profit money every six months and the winning amount of the investors.

The detail of Prizes on Rs.25000 Premium Prize Bond

First Prize

Rs.30 Million and is for 2 lucky winners

2nd Prize

Rs.10 Million and is for 5 lucky winners

3rd Prize

Rs.3 lacs and is for 700 lucky winners

The detail of Prizes on Rs.40,000 Premium Prize Bond

First Prize

Rs.80 Million for one lucky winner

2nd Prize

Rs.30 Million for three lucky winners

3rd Prize

Rs.5 Lacs for 660 lucky winners.

The Withholding tax for filers is 15% of the prize money.

The withholding tax for nonfiler is 30% of the prize money.

After-tax deduction the remaining amount is credited into the linked account of the investors.

The investors may have the opportunity to win the Million Rupee Prizes by investing in thousands.

The paradigm is now shifting from bearer Prize bonds to Premium or registered prize bonds.

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