Important Prize Bonds Draws in November 2021

Prize Bonds Draws that are to be held in November 2021 are just two of Rs.100 and Rs.1500.

Both Rs.100 and Rs.1500 are small denomination Prize bonds whose lucky draws are going to be held in November 2021.

There is no lucky draw of prize bonds on 1st November 202.

But on 15th November 2021, there is two lucky draws to be held of Rs.100 and Rs.1500.

A common person can participate in a lucky draw that is held in the State Bank building on the given schedule with the provision of their CNIC and can see the Prize Bond Lucky draw process with their own eyes.

The prize which is offered against Rs.100 and Rs.1500 Prize Bonds are given as below

There is a tax deduction on Prize bonds as well.

For filers, the Withholding Tax deduction is just 15% and the remaining 85% is credited into the given bank account of the investors.

For Non-Filer the Withholding Tax deduction is double.

For Nonfiler Withholding Tax deduction is 30% of the Prize Money and the remaining 70% is credited into investors’ bank accounts.

Bearer Prize Bonds are required to be claimed by the investors after three days of the lucky draw.

Whereas Premium prize bonds are not required to be claimed as they are linked with investors’ bank accounts and they automatically credited into investors’ bank accounts.

So it is necessary for the investors to become filers for the investment in Prize bonds to avoid heavy taxation for the nonfilers.

Prize bonds lucky draw prize money can be claimed until 6 years from the date of the lucky draw.

If you have some old prize bonds you may check the issue date of the prize bonds pasted on the stamp on those bonds and then check the draw results.

If you find some Prize bonds numbers in included in lucky winners’ numbers and that was issued after the draw then you claim on your own name.


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