Job Description (JD) of Business Development Officer (BDO)

Job Description of BDO

As the banking system has grown over the last few years quite a new post has been witnessed which is Business Development Officer or BDO.

When the bank’s focus shifted from operations to business activities then BDO job assignments became more important.

Modern banks need to reach their customers, introduce them to their offerings or products and bring them towards the bank.

As there is intense competition in our banking system hence the importance of the BDO has gained significant importance.

Most BDOs are hired by banks by a third party. Apply for BDO jobs in Pakistan on Rozee

Job description of BDO includes many factors and some of them are given below.

Bank Product Marketing

BDO’s core responsibility is to introduce banks’ products to the potential customers of the bank. BDo job is more social and extrovert. He/she needs to move around, find potential customers and let them know banks’ products and offerings. They have to market banks products like accounts, Bancassurance, loan products etc.

New to Bank Introduction

BDO is responsible to bring news to bank customers by opening their new accounts. BDO is given daily, monthly, quarterly and annual targets for introducing NTBs in the assigned branch. Mainly BDOs are responsible to help banks grow by bringing more and more customers to banks’ branches.

Deposit Mobilization

BDOs most important assignment is to mobilize deposit for the bank. They have to bring more accounts and more deposits as per the assigned targets by the top management. When BDO is offered a job then at that time banks take commitment from them to achieve the given targets within a specific time period. Their performance is further evaluated on the basis of NTBs and Deposit mobilization.

Selling Bank Products

BDOs are responsible for selling banks products like Bank Accounts, car finance, house finance, personal loans, credit cards and bancassurance.




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