Job Description of Bank Operation Manager

Job Description of Bank Operation Manager is the most difficult in-branch banking.

Operation Manager holds a very prominent assignment in-branch banking.

He is responsible to look after all the operational activities in the branch, ensure customer satisfactory banking services and making all the required reports readily available for the top management.

We will see Branch operation Manager(BOM) responsibilities or Job Description(JD) one by one in the below lines.

Customer Satisfactory Service

Job Description of Bank Operation Manager is to ensure excellent customer service.

This is the point where any bank competes with its competitors.

If BOM makes available all the required things to provide better customer services as compared to the competitors then the bank may grow in a positive direction.

Branch Infrastructure

BOM is responsible to look after the branch infrastructure including branch building, billboards outside and inside the building, Generators, UPS, ATM and all other electric and electronic appliances installed in the branch or outside the branch which facilitate good customer service.

All the facilities are provided by the bank at the branch level to ensure timely service for the bank customers.

Management of the Cash

This is the most critical and difficult assignment of the operation manager to ensure the availability of cash on the cash counter for the customers. BOM is responsible to demand more cash if needed on the counter from the bank’s main branch, NBP or SBP and making it available for the customer.

The balancing of the cash is also his shared responsibility with the branch cashier and to when cash is excessive as compared to the cash in system or cash is less then BOM must ensure to find the mistake and tackle it.

Feeding of cash into ATM and making ATM readily working 24 hours a day is a mandatory assignment for the Branch Operation Manager.

Security Stationery Custodian

Branch Operation Manager is responsible for the safe custody of all the security stationery of the branch-like Demand draft, payment order, call deposit receipts, customers’ ATMs and cheque books. BOM has to keep them in balance and issue them to customers when demanded.

Issuance of Bank Products

The operation manager is required to introduce bank products to customers and sell them. BOM must issue PO, DD, CDR, Lockers and any other products when demanded by customers.

Audit, Compliance and Reporting

BOM JD also includes facilitating auditors for branch audits and get a satisfactory category in audit and compliance, to meet quality control standards set by the bank, SBP and top management and provide the required reports related to branch operations to top management when demanded.


Bank Branch Manager Job Description(JD) and Reumenaration

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