Last Date Extended to Exchange, Redeem and Convert Rs.15000,25000 and Rs.40,000 Bearer Prize Bonds

Last Date Extended

In a notification issued by Govt dated 29th September 2021 Govt has announced to extend the Last Date to Exchange, Redeem and Convert Rs.15000,25000 and Rs.40,000 Bearer Prize Bonds.

Earlier the last date to exchange, redeem and convert these three old bearer bonds was 30th September 2021.

But due to the current prevailing situation of covid many investors still hold bearer prize bonds of Rs.15000, 25000, and rs.40,000 could not exchange their bonds until now.

Still, Billions of Rupees Prize Bonds are held with the investors.

Many overseas Pakistanis could not fly back to Pakistan to exchange, redeem and convert their prize bonds.

hence Govt decided to extend the last date for an exchange, convert and redeem NPB of Rs.15000,25000 and Rs.40,000 to 31st Dec 2021.

The investors in these three bearers and discontinued bonds are requested to exchange, redeem and convert as soon as possible.

As no further draw of these three bonds is to be held in the future so it’s useless to further carry these bearer bonds which have been discontinued.

The investors of these three bearer bonds have three options to encash their bonds.

The first option is to deposit these bonds into the bank account of any commercial bank.

Fill deposit slip and an encash application for prize bonds and deposit into your bank account.

The face value of these bonds will immediately be credited to your bank account.

The second option is to convert these bonds with Premium Prize bonds of Rs.25000 and Rs.40,000.

This option is to exchange old bearers with National Saving certificates.

There are two certificates with which these bonds could be exchanged one is a defence saving certificate and the other is a special saving certificate.

Its for your knowledge that Rs.25000 bearer Prize bond was discontinued on 9 December 2020.

Whereas Rs15000 and Rs.75000 prize Bonds were discontinued on 28th May 2021.

Rs.40,000 Prize Bond was discontinued on 24 July 2019.





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