Metaforce Online Earning App Real or Fake?

It’s pertinent to know for the investors Metaforce Online Earning App is Real or Fake.

The online earning scam is very common in Pakistan due to several reasons.

First Pakistanis have less financial literacy and its very easy to trap them in scams, particularly through digital apps.

Secondly, unemployment is at its peak in Pakistan and as online scams present pleasant dreams to investors hence they face a scam easily.

lastly due to high inflation people are in search of part-time work to meet their expenses.

In this case, people search for some part-time work, particularly online work.

Metaforce is an example of online digital scam.

How to Join Metaforce?

You can join Metaforce with someone else reference with an investment of $10. Part of this investment will go in earning of the person who referred you to the company.

You will have to introduce more people to the company after joining and will formulate a team. The part of an investment of this team will be your income. Now all the team members have one thing to do. They will just introduce other people to the company and this will go on.

In past many companies that were working on pyramid models were declared as scams and illegal.

Examples of such companies include Golden key international and Leo which had physical offices to train and motivate people.

Such companies use fake flashing news about the members’ earnings to pursuade new users.

This time these pyramid companies are doing fraud with a decentralized system of blockchain.

These companies are using the name of blockchain and the decentralised system as a competitive advantage and saying that all transactions done through this decentralized way will never be undone.

There is no other activity or product/service offered by such scam companies.

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