NADRA 6 Important SMS Services

NADRA is providing very useful information just on SMS. Unfortunately, there are some message-sending service charges by cellular companies. You need to have a credit balance in your sim card to send SMS to fetch information from the NADRA database related to your daily routine matters.

NADRA Check Vehicle Status

1-If you are going to buy a used car and you know nothing about the seller and want to know if this car is not stolen then you do not need to worry because NADRA is providing you this services to inform you the car status just by sending any vehicle chassis number to 8521.

The reply of this message will solve your problem.

NADRA Duplicate Identity Card Status

2-Currently, many people have their duplicate cards knowingly or unknowingly. If you want to know do you have any duplicate identity cards as it may be used in many wrong ways and eventually this can affect you then you must send an SMS with your CNIC Number at 7000.

Vote polling Status NADRA Service

3-Many people have issues with their polling stations. Their present district of living contradicts with their polling stations. Unfortunately, their vote is lost because they are unable to post their vote. In order to determine where your vote is registered send with your CNIC Number an SMS 8300.

To Know Number of Cellular SIMs on Your Identity Card

4-In order to know the Number of Cellular SIMs registered on your identity card send SMS with your CNIC Number on 668.

Further, if you come to know if somebody else has got issued SIM against your CNIC then you must block them at earliest because some wicked person may use your SIM and may create trouble for you.

To Know Filer/ Non Filer Status

5-If you want to know your name is included in the active taxpayer list or not with FBR then send write ATL put space and enter CNIC Number and send on 9966. You would know you are a filer or nonfiler through this useful NADRA service.

NADRA Family Tree Service

6-In order to know about your family tree send your CNIC Number on 8009. This information will also include your spouse’s 2nd marriage.

Check more detail about these useful services on NADRA official website

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