fbr and nadra

NADRA and FBR to Capture Non Filers With The Help of Advanced Technology, Pakistan National Database and Registration Authority will calculate the income and tax liabilities of non filers with the support of modern aid before the end of year 2021.

As per NADRA they are on the road to capture the eligible tax payers with the aid of advance technology as well as mathematical and statistical analysis.

The analysis will be subjected on the 14 million records of financial transactions provided by the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR).

Transactions include Vehicle purchases, Property transactions, Vehicle registration, Foreign travels and other heavy expenditures.

Once the analysis is done, NADRA will then share the details of non filers with FBR who will make their profiles and upload them on its website.

The recipients will then be sent an SMS to visit FBR’s Website to verify their details and the the due taxes and file their return’s within a due date as decided.

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As per sources FBR will provide fair amount of time to pay their taxes by submitting their return for a given period to avoid any panic.

Whereas in case the tax payer don’t pay the taxes then strict action in terms of possible penalties may be imposed on the non filers.

To accomplish the taxes collection task¬† Federal Board of Revenue will also set up special call centers whose representative will be given the role to follow up with non tax payer’s to pay the taxes by submitting¬† their tax return and to facilitate them as how to pay their return by using FBR portal.

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