National Prize Bond Rs1500 Salient features

Prize Bond Rs1500 is one of the small denomination Prize Bond which is bearer in nature.

Bearer Prize Bond is the one that can be purchased by anyone without registration on their name. The owner of this Prize Bond is considered the person who holds this bond.

The Prize money can also be claimed by the person who holds it. Bearer prize bonds are also traded in the open market.

Like all other prize bonds, Prize Bond is a draw is also held four times a year. The draw of each prize bond is held every three months and in a year four times.

The draw schedule of Prize Bond Rs.1500 is also given as under for 2022

There are three types of prizes offered for Rs.1500 Prize Bonds

First Prize


Second Prize


Third Prize


In order to claim the prize money, the investor fill the form and the prize money is credited into the given bank account of the investors as per the following days

You may claim the prize money from commercial banks, national saving centers and state bank of Pakistan depending upon the amount as given below

Prize money on a bearer Prize Bond can be claimed three days after the Prize bond draw and till 6 years of the draw.

The draw of the prize bond is held in State bank field offices in a very transparent way where all the citizens can participate by showing their CNIC and can witness the drawing process with their own eyes and observe the transparency of the draw.

The pize bonds in each series are 1 less than one million.

There is withholding tax on Prize Money for filer and non-filer.

For Filer, the withholding tax is 15% of the prize money but for the filer, it is 30%.

So it is better to be a filer if investing in prize bonds as withholding tax for filer is half as compared to the nonfiler.

Find more details about bearer Prize bonds on SBP website at this link

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