National Savings Center to Launch ATM/Debit Card Facility for the Customers

On Tuesday the National Savings Center launched a debit card facility for the customers.

Muhammad Ali Thebo the director of the National Saving center inaugurated the facility in Karachi.

Although it was announced by National Saving in Jan 2021 that the NSC customer would be able to enjoy the facility of the debit card

it could not be accomplished to achieve. Later in last week, this facility was inaugurated and the director of NSC came to Tweeter to share the news as given below

Most of the customers of the National Saving center are widows, senior citizens, disabled/handicapped and pensioners who are mostly in elderly age and to receive their profit from the national saving they have to stand in lines every month.

Certainly, this will be a big facility for such senior citizens to receive their payments by using their ATM/debit cards in any ATM countrywide of any bank/branch.

Initially, the service is going to be made available for the National saving staff as it has been successfully tested at phase 1.

Now in the second phase, it will be tested for the staff members of national saving centers across Pakistan.

If it were found that ATM/debit card works well then it will be made available for all the customers of the bank.

Currently, National Saving is serving 40 Million customers across Pakistan with a branch network of 376 branches.

National Saving also holds a big chunk of the deposit that stands as Rs3.4 Trillion.

National Saving has a major attraction of higher profit rates in the industry. No other bank is offering the same profit rates in the industry hence it attracts deposits from pensioners, widows and senior citizens.

Govt-backed National Saving provides cheap borrowing to the Govt but at the same time, the customers of the National saving enjoy fewer facilities as compared to other banks customers in the country.

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