New PM Shahbaz Sharif Increase Salaries and Pensions

Shahbaz Sharif Increase Salaries and Pensions:

New PM Shahbaz Sharif in his first speech as PM has made big announcements for the pensioners and salaried persons.

Shahbaz Sharif said he and his collision parties have full sympathy with the salaried and pension class as they are living a hard life during this high inflation.

Shahbaz Sharif said that from April 2022 the minimum wages have been raised to Rs25000 and the same will further be implemented in the provinces.

Talking about the hardships of the pensioners, New PM Shahbaz Sharif stated that pensioners are living a very difficult life during this time of high inflation. Shahbaz Sharif announced a 10% rise in the pension of civil and military pensioners.

Addressing the National Assembly New PM Shahbaz Sharif said that the industrialists will be convinced to enhance the salaries of their workers who are earning less than Rs.100,000 to increase salaries by 10%.

Further to this Shahbaz Sharif announced to give a big relief for Ramadan by giving Rs.200 subsidy on flour in the retail stores in Muhallah and streets.

He further declared to change the name of Ehsaas program to Benazir card as was it the name initially when it was launched in Peoples party regime.

Shahbaz Sharif said that the new Govt is enthusiastic to bring prosperity into the life of the people by giving them more and more relief.

Shahbaz Sharif the new Prime Minister also made big announcements for the students and said the laptop scheme will again be started for the students and they will be provided professional and technical education so that they could live a prosperous life.

All the PTI MNAs resigned from the National assembly and did not sit while the new PM after the election started delivering his speech.

PTI is all set to give a tough time to PMLN’s new Govt.

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