No Further Taxes to be added on Consumer goods in upcoming Mini Budget

No Further Taxes to be added on Consumer goods on the upcoming Mini Budget on the daily items used by common man said Ministry of Finance Spokes person Muzamil Aslam said.

According to Mr Aslam rising prices  in the international marked has widened the trade deficit massively, on the the other hand Covid-19 pandemic increased the debt burden on many  countries specially the developing countries like Pakistan.

During the recent past Inflation is on the rise world wide but we are trying our utmost best to control it.

He said the Government has brought down the prices of food and beverages locally during the second half of year 2021 particularly, however the prices of imported items have increased.

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He further added keeping in few problems faced by common man the Government has decided not to imposed any further tax in the mini budget so that the common man of Pakistan may not feel the burden of inflation , hence no taxes will be added on the daily used items which a common man consumes.

As per a report published in a local news paper Government will withdraw General sales tax (GST) but add a standard tax of 17 % on import of mobile phones, computers, Gold/silver or jewellery items , LPG and many other products.

Sales tax is much likely to be imposed on the import of live animals, plants, vegetables and edible fruits and many other imported food items etc.





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