Pakistan First Ever Eletric Bike Launched Jolta Company

Pakistan First Ever Eletric Bike: Pakistan has launched its first-ever electric bike named jolta e-bike which has been inaugurated by Prime Minister Imran Khan last week. This electric bike is environmentally friendly as its noise-free and does not emit gasesŪ”

The electric bike which has been launched in Pakistan is a lower-end bike and can be compared with 70 CC bikes in Pakistan. If we compare the speed of both the bikes, the conventional bike reaches up to 90 KM/h but Jolta electric bike can reach up to 60 KM/h.

But when we talk about the economy, Jolta electric bike is more economical than conventional 70 CC bikes. Usually, 70 cc bike maintenance and fuel expenses per month in Pakistan has estimated as Rs4000 but for Jolta electric bikes it’s much lower.

Jolla electric bike has five batteries of 12 volts each which can be charged with one single unit of electricity and the maximum price of a single unit of electricity in Pakistan is Rs.25.

It means all five batteries can be charged at a cost of Rs25 and with these batteries rider can cover a distance of 80 to 100 Km depending upon the road condition and speed of the bike.

Whereas if we compare a conventional 70CC bike with a litre of Rs112 it can cover a maximum of 60KM. So it’s obvious that Jolta electric bike is more economical than conventional bikes.

The five batteries can be charged with a single unit of electricity. Their warranty provided by the company is just 3 months but their average life is 2 years. After 2 years these batteries can be replaced for Rs20,000.

Initially, the company launched an electric bike comparable to a 70CC bike but later it has planning to manufacture a higher-end bike comparable to a 150CC conventional bike.

Currently, the company has a production capacity of 6000 bikes per month which the company says to increase within the next months up to 10000 units per month.

The introductory price of the J70 electric bike is Rs82500.

FOr women, an electric scooter has been launched at a price of Rs105000.

The duty for electric bike spare parts is just 1% and sales tax is also 1% which makes it affordable and economical.

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