Pakistan Launched Made in Pakistan Samsung Smartphone

Pakistan Samsung Smartphone-This certainly is a big moment for the country as Pakistan has been able to launch locally manufactured Samsung smartphones for the first time in history.

Samsung and Lucky Group have officially introduced the smartphone.

Samsung and Lucky Group collaborated in July 2021 on the deal.

LMC and Samsung Gulf Electronics have partnered to produce Samsung products in Pakistan.

The deal between Samsung Group and Lucky Group after the agreement in 2021 the work started off and finally, Samsung has started manufacturing smartphones with “Made in Pakistan Label” .

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Earlier in July/August 2021 Inovi managed to become the first company to export locally manufactured smartphones to the United Arab  Emirates.

With Samsung starting production/manufacturing of smartphones it will be the beginning of a new era and will take the country in achieving new milestones.

Pakistan Samsung Smartphone manufacturing certainly will provide a lot of job opportunities and revenue generation simultaneously. Not only this it will present a very positive message to the entire world business market about the potential business opportunities available in Pakistan to flourish their business at very affordable expenses e.g Labour and technical staff etc.



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