Pakistan to Launch 5G for 5 Big Cities Initially

Pakistan to Launch 5G

As more and more countries are adopting 5G technology that will reshape the way we do things with internet today, the Pakistani Govt has also decided to launch 5G initially in five big cities of the country.

These big cities include the federal capital Islamabad, the provincial capitals Karachi, Lahore, Peshawar and Quetta.

In the world, 5G is also being adopted step by step and the same formula is being used by Pakistan.

The Ministry of IT is engaged with the stakeholders which are mainly the cellular operating companies.

The Ministry of IT has received input from a few stakeholders whereas others asking for more time hence the IT ministry has extended the date to 28th February to receive the input regarding the implementation of 5G plan and then this report will further to be submitted to Federal Govt for final decision.

To implement 5G policy successfully, Govt has formed a committee and incentives for the official launch of 5G will be announced in the next fiscal budget.

The ministry of IT, Finance, Pakistan Telecommunication Authority, Frequency Allocation Board and other stakeholders will take part in finalizing the incentive package for the official launch of the 5G technology in the country.

The initial launch of the 5 G technology in the five big cities of the country is likely to be made available in the months of 2022 or the first quarter of 2023.

After the final approval of the federal Govt, Pakistan telecommunication Authority will appoint consultants for the auction of the 5G technology.

5G technology has already been tested positive in the country by the operators like Zong, Mobilink Jazz, Telenor and Pakistan Telecommunication Company LTD.

All of this process will take few months and finally at the end of 2022 and r in the beginning of 2023, the 5G technology would be available for the final consumers.


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