Pakistan Total Export’s grew by 38.4 % YoY in Aug 2021 , showing an increase of 11.9 % in the previous month.

Pakistan’s total Export’s growth data is updated on monthly basis, with an average rate of 12.9 % .

In previous years Pakistan is struggling to record a reasonable export’s mark the data reached and all time high of 116.1 % in April 2021 against a record low of -46.7 % in April 2020 due to all trade activities got to a standstill amid Covid-19 international restriction’s due to Flight’s issue mainly.

As per latest data being reported , Pakistan Total Export’s achieved a 2.2 USD billion bench mark in April 2021.

However total Imports recorded $ 5.3 billion in May 2021, which scored an increased of 91.3 % year on year.

View Pakistan’s Total Exports from Jan 1996 to Apr 2021 in the chart:


Pakistan big trade deficit is a big issue to be addressed as soon as possible for the smooth running of economy, Pakistan Trade Balance recorded a deficit of 4.2 billion US Dollar in Aug 2021.

State Bank of Pakistan is closely monitoring the widening of Pakistan and taking preemptive measure to reduce it the minimal level on monthly basis, another issue is rupee standing against US dollar in recent times Pakistani rupee fallen against US Dollar and Us Dollar now stood at massive around 168 againstĀ  PKR of 19.9.21.

Pakistan badly needs its export’s to grow massively against imports to reduceĀ  trade deficit , resulting in strengtheningĀ  Pakistan rupee standing.



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