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User’s Personal information

The visitors of the website MrBankar not to provide their personal information.

As per Privacy Policy to view and read the articles on its platform no requirement for personal info.

But if users chose to provide personal information through email, or contact form then this information.

Then will not share with a third party and will remain in the hold as much time as these are necessary to hold.

Traffic Analysis Program

In order to monitor unauthorized access to websites or to publish posts from an unauthorized source, we monitor the source of traffic.

That includes an operating system, browser, and screen resolution.

If law enforcement agency requires such information to ascertain any unlawful activity then we’ll provide it accordingly.

E-Mail News Letter

If any user of the website subscribes to our E-Mail newsletter then we ask for contact information.

And will use such user information in the same way already described above.

The user can unsubscribe from our newsletter at any time.

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Disclaimer For Using Website Material

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