100 and 1500 Rupee Prize Bonds Draw Results 15 Nov 2021

Find Prize Bonds Draw Results for Rs.100 and Rs.1500 that are to be held on 15 Nov 2021.

Rs.100 Prize Bond Lucky draw to be held at State bank building Peshawar where you can participate with your CNIC and Rs.1500 Prize bond lucky draw to be held at State bank building Faisalabad where you may participate with your CNIC and can see the whole process of Prize bonds draw and see how these are transparent.


For Rs.1500 Prize Bond

1st Prize Rs.3000,000(1)

Lucky Number


2nd Prize Rs.1000,000

Lucky Numbers

788311, 121234, 251386

3rd Prize Rs.18500(3)

download pdf file at this link


Rs.100 Prize Bond Draw Results

1st Prize Rs.700,000(1)

Lucky Number


2nd Prize


Lucky Numbers

0500000, 422885, 619067 3rd

Prize Rs.1000(3)

download pdf file at this link


There are taxes for the winning amount on the Prize Bonds and these taxes percentage depends upon your active and non-active status with FBR means if you are a filer and listed inactive taxpayer list with FBR then 15% will be deducted from the winning amount of prize bonds and remaining 85% will be credited into your bank account whereas incase of nonfiler 30% will be deducted from your bank account.

How many days are taken by the State Bank of Pakistan to honor your claim and credit the amount of Prize bonds winning amount into your bank account depending on the amount of the Prize you have won and is given as below


You may claim your Prize amount from State Bank field offices, Commercial banks designated branches and National Saving Centers depending upon the amount as given below


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