Proton also announced increase in Saga price

Emerging Auto Mobile brand Proton also announced increase in its most popular brand launched so far in Pakistan Known as Saga.

Proton alongside Changan were the only Automobile company which did not announced revised prices with increased rates.

Reason behind Proton also announced increase in Saga price

Earlier in November all famous brand’s Auto Mobile manufacturer’s in Pakistan announced revised rates for their top of the line variants with a huge Increase they include KIA,Toyota,Honda and Suzuki.

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Just like Changan, Proton has also decided to appreciate its car prices with a big difference compare to its old prices. The revised prices saw an increase of Rs 224,000/- in all three variants of SAGA.
New Prices of Proton SAGA
New Price Old Price Difference
 SAGA Standard Manual 2,149,000 1,925,000 224000
 SAGA Standard automatic 2,299,000 2,075,000 224000
 SAGA ACE automatic  2,399,000 2,175,000 224000

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