Roshan Digital bank Accounts Achieves another Milestone of $1.5 Billions

Roshan digital bank account a tailor-made bank account for overseas Pakistanis is selling like hotcakes. Recently Roshan digital Bank account crossed $1 billion two months back and now getting higher speed it has received $500 Millions more and crossed 1.5 Billion Dollars that is a new high for this bank account.

Imran Khan, Prime Minister of Pakistan shared this good news on Twitter and stated that within a short time of just two months 500 Million more dollars have been received by Overseas Pakistanis in Roshan Digital Bank Account.

The major attractions for overseas Pakistanis in Roshan Digital Bank accounts may include its allow to open bank accounts digitally without a physical presence in Pakistani banks being abroad. Ease to remit funds into Roshan Digital Bank Accounts, sending money to and fro from Roshan Digital Bank Account, option to invest in Pakistan stock exchange, money markets, Payments of utility bills, and investment in Naya Pakistan certificate.

Naya Pakistan certificate has captured the major portion of the Roshan Digital Bank Account investment. Out of $1.5, Billion in the Roshan Digital Bank Account almost $1 Billion has been invested in the Naya Pakistan certificate.

The investment in Naya Pakistan certificate is only available for overseas Pakistanis through the Roshan Digital Bank Account platform. Investors can invest in Islamic as well conventional versions of the Naya Pakistan certificate.

The option also depends on tenure which varies from 3 months to 5 years.

Overseas Pakistani’s response to Prime Minister Imran Khan’s initiative of Roshan Digital Bank Account shows the confidence of Expats in the current Govt. The remittance in flow through proper banking channels has boosted the foreign currency reserves of the Pakistan central bank which now cross $23 Billion.

Overseas Pakistanis are living in 190 countries of the world and their number is touching 10 Million. It shows the love of overseas Pakistanis for their motherland.


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