Rs.1500 Prize Bond Lucky Draw Winner List 15.11.2022

Rs.1500 Prize Bond Lucky Draw

Rs.1500 is a small denomination Prize bond.

It’s a bearer prize bond not registered against investors CNIC.

The lucky draw of Rs.1500 prize Bond is held every 3 months.

today on November 15, 2022, the lucky draw of Rs.1500 is going to be held in the Karachi State bank building every citizen can participate with their CNIC and can witness the procedure of the lucky draw which is surely a transparent way to distribute prizes among the winners.

As a small denomination Prize bond, it offers small Prizes.

The Schedule of the Prize bonds for 2022 is as below and this will be the last lucky draw for Rs.1500 prize bond this year in 2022.

The prizes offered on Rs.1500 prize bonds are also small as per the investment and are given as under

1st Prize Rs.3000,000(1)

Lucky Number


2nd Prize


Lucky Numbers

543959, 246157, 460477

Lucky Numbers

Prize Rs.18500(1696)

Click this LINK to download full list

As the draw results come, we will share them on this page. In the morning around 9 AM prize, bond numbers of the first and second lucky winners will be shared whereas in the evening the list of third prize winners will be shared.

You may download or watch online the complete list of prize bonds lucky winners on this page.

As Rs.1500 is a bearer prize Bond hence you need to claim your prize money when you confirm that you won a prize against your prize bond.

The time period within which you can claim your prize money starts after two working days after the draw and for the next six years, you can claim your prize money.

you may claim your prize from the National Saving center, State Bank of Pakistan and other commercial banks.

The selection of bank depends upon the amount you are going to claim as per the below chart.

The time period the prize money will be credited into your bank account also depends on the amount of prize money you are going to claim as per the below chart

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