Rs.40000 Premium Prize Bond Draw 10 Sep 2021 Official Results

The Premium Prize bonds are unique and different from conventional or unregistered prize bonds.

Rs.40000 Premium Prize Bond Draw 10 Sep 2021 Official Results

The draw was held on 10 September 2021 at State Bank Building Peshawar.

Premium Prize Bonds have unique features quite different from the bearer Prize Bonds.

Premium Prize Bonds are registered in the name of investors hence these are also called Registered Prize bonds.

The investor’s bank account is linked with the Premium Prize Bonds and all the proceedings are credited into bank accounts.

Not only Prizes are given against Premium prize Bonds but Profit on a bi-annual basis is also given.

The Profit rate on the Premium Prize Bond is 1.79%. biannually

The Rs.40000 Premium Prize Bond draw is held 4 times a year as per the below schedule


The Results for winners of the first, second and third Prize are as under

First Prize on Rs.40,000 Premium prize Bond is Rs.80,000,000 and given to one lucky winner

Winner Prize Bond Number 619284

The second Prize on Rs.40,000 is Rs.30,000,000 and given to 3 lucky winners

Winner Prize Bond Numbers are 011192,   082571,   460593

The complete results can be checked on NSC website.


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