Salary and Pension Rise Budget 2022-23

It’s a good day for federal Govt employees as of today’s budget 2022-23 reveals a big salary rise and pension as well.

Earlier to this when PML-N Govt came into power this year in April, the pensioners got 10% rise in their pension.

Whereas Govt did not give any rise to salaried persons.

In Budget 2022-23, The salaried persons get 15% rise in their salaries and the pensioners also get 5% rise in their pensions.

Further to this ad-hoc allowance of the federal Govt employees will now be part of the basic salary.

It is a good decision to merge ad-hoc allowance in basic salary because in the future it will give more benefit to the salaried persons.

Although 15% rise in federal employees’ salaries and 5% rise in pensioners’ pensions is not a big deal if we look at the prevailing inflation in the country which is much higher than the rise in pensions and salaries.

But still, this Salary and Pension Rise is not too bad.

The focus of the budget is to give more relief to the poor and put more tax burden on the rich.

15% rise in salaries will help the white-collar salaried persons to face inflation with more courage.

Revised Payscale for 2022

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