The New features Honda Civic 2022 That Cause Price Hike

New features Honda Civic 2022

Honda Civic 2022 is now available for booking in Pakistan with Rs.1200,000 for each of the three variants.

The new model of Honda Civic comes with a huge Price rise as compared to the previous models.

The Price of all these three variants is given as below

There are certain reasons why the new Honda Civic has so much Price for all of its three variants.

Some of the features in the New Honda Civic 2022 will be as below

The use of Sensor Technology

The New model of Honda civic features a honda Sensor that is equipped with modern technology and seems is available in today’s modern vehicles.

Modern Braking System

The new model of Honda Civic has a special feature of modern braking system that uses a technology of Collision Mitigation Braking System. This system helps to apply the brakes immediately if the system detects that a front collision with a vehicle or person is unavoidable.

Traffic Sign Sensor

The new model of Honda Civic comprises a modern technology of traffic sign sensor which helps to automatically detect the traffic signs and display them on the car displays system to avoid chalan.

Lane Assistant

The new model consists of a Lane assistant system that helps you maintain your lane on the highway with a slight adjustment of your steering in a secure and safe way.

Speed Control System

In order to keep the car at a safe distance from the cars going ahead a speed control system automatically decreases the speed to maintain a safe distance.

Auto beam System

If you are driving your new Honda Civic with Auto Beam then it turns the beam into low when detecting a car ahead.

The new model will also have six airbags the mid one has 4 airbags.

Due to all the above features, the new honda civic price has been set high

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