Top Pakistani Banks Credit Cards Interest Rates

Credit Cards Interest Rates

In order to make a better decision and to choose the best credit card offered by Pakistani banks, it’s pertinent to Know about the interest rates and mark up of the credit cards.

Almost all conventional Pakistani Banks are offering credit cards and some banks like Standard Chartered and Faysal Bank are also offering Islamic shria compliant credit cards with the names of Sadiq Credit Card and Noor Islamic Credit card respectively.

Credit cards are very costly banking products because of their insecure financing nature as banks do not take anything as security against financing.

Habib Bank Credit Card Interest Rates

Habib Bank is Pakistan’s biggest bank with more than 1800 branches in Pakistan and deposits reached to more than Rs.3 Trillion.

HBL offers credit cards at a 40% Mark Up rate.

MCB Credit Card Interest Rate

MCB is also a big Bank and included among top 5 banks in Pakistan with more than 1500 branches country-wide and a deposit of more than Rs.2 Trillion.

MCB is offering credit cards at a mark-up rate of 39%.

UBL Credit Card Interest Rate

UBL is also a big Bank in Pakistan with more than 1400 branches and deposits are more than Rs.2 Trillion.

UBL credit card offers credit cards at 39.99% interest rates.

ALLIED bank credit card Interest Rates

Allied bank is also included among the top five Pakistani banks and its branch network is more than 1300 branches and its deposit is more than Rs.2 Trillion.

Bank Al Falah Credit Card Interest Rates

Bank al Falah is best in its services and high-tech orientation. Bank Al Falah is a pioneer in credit cards and another personal financing in Pakistan.

Bank Al Falah Credit Card Interest Rates is 45%.

Silk bank Credit Card Interest Rates

Silk bank is aggressive in personal loaning, especially in credit cards.

It has 45% interest rates on its credit card. Silk bank has many other charges which are higher than any other bank comparatively.


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