What is Supplementary Credit Card ?

Credit Card usage in Pakistan has been surprisingly increased in Pakistan over a decade now  and therefore there is a specific class in Pakistan who like to do spending through Credit card, rather of Cash or through ATM.

As the name suggests supplementary Credit card is a card with an additional credit you can get on your existing credit card. …

Benefits Of Credit Card

Usually the benefits or features of your supplementary credit cards are same as the benefits or features you have on your primary credit card.

There is also an option held with primary Customer of whether to allow a particular limit consumption allowed to Supplementary card holder or not e.g 50 % of the actual limit .

Supplementary Credit Card can be used to Primary card holder’s Blood relation or peer’s as the case may be.

Supplementary Credit Card holder can use the given Credit Card the same was the primary Customer use.

Supplementary Credit card has a different CVC at the back of Credit card which primarily use for online transaction performed to pay amount via online purchase or payment of fees ect.

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Is there any Fees for Supplementary Cards ?

Different banks have different Schedule of charges regarding processing/Annual Payment’s for Supplementary Credit Card’s.

Few Bank’s offer it for free with no Processing or Annual Charges, But Few Bank do charge for Processing fees as well as Annual fees for Supplementary card holders


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